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Let me introduce myself! I am Rosilda I have inherited the gift to guide and give advice from a long line of psychic family.

Through the medium of cards, and with the help of my guides, I am able to offer help and general direction with problems and insecurity. By using various traditional methods I can determine or ‘divine’ an answer to any question by those seeking solutions or those interested in their future.

Should you feel a simple reply ‘yes/no/maybe’ will answer your questions, then my crystal pendulum can give an indication.

I use
Psycards, Unicorn Tarot, Gypsy Tarot, Osiris Cards to try and divine a reading for those who seek answers. You may ask questions on life, love, dilemmas or other areas of personal concern. I am sorry I am not gifted to diagnose medical conditions. Some also chose a reading for fun to get a glimpse of what lies ahead.

Always note any genuine and experienced reader will say that the reading is only a general indication of what is happening in life, and that each person has their own free will that they are free to exercise at all times. Among many tarot cards and methods of divining answers or look into the future, I have found four favourites, and hope the following information will enable you to select cards to suit your particular problem. It is a traditional method to be offered various packs and you should feel “drawn” to one in particular.


Perhaps a reading will bring you peace of mind and hope for a brighter future.

Click here to select a reading >> and let me try and show you a path to a happier existence.

Wishes of goodwill to you all.







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